Widely acclaimed | Ekeair shines brilliantly in China critical illness medical conference

Date: 2019-09-17 13:42


On September 9, the 4-day China critical care medical conference and the 10th Tianjin annual meeting of Critical Care Medicine concluded successfully in Tianjin. The conference has a huge scale, with more than 6000 registered people and more than 50000 people watching the live conference online. It is a feast for the Chinese critical medicine industry! EKEAIR mobile air sterilization station made a high-profile appearance at the conference, which was greatly recognized by many serious medical professionals!



-- EKEAIR |Venue air cleaning guard--

EKEAIR is honored to serve as the air cleaning guard of the conference hall and VIP lounge, creating a sterile and clean space and ensuring the respiratory health of the participants with the remarkable advantages of rapid purification, efficient sterilization and super efficient dust removal.


--ICU has great demand for air sterilization--
At this meeting, the popularity of EKEAIR booth was high, and many serious professionals came to the booth to learn the details of EKEAIR. In the process of communication with many serious experts, we found an interesting phenomenon: the means of air purification in ICU are polarized, either the hospital adopts laminar flow means, or the hospital does not have any air purification measures. And many experts said that although laminar flow has been built, the effect of laminar flow is quite different from that of new construction in the past few years. They asked if the equipment of EKEAIR can be used together with laminar flow.
Although many hospitals have not taken air purification measures, all the experts who come to EKEAIR's exhibition stand say that there is a real need for air sterilization and purification in ICU, and the departments also have strong willingness to improve the air quality in ICU. They are eager for a kind of movable equipment that can achieve the laminar flow effect, which can not only maintain the laminar flow clean effect, but also eliminate the defects that laminar flow cannot be moved and maintenance is difficult. EKEAIR's appearance, let many experts in front of a bright!


--EKEAIR is well received--
EKEAIR's appearance is very successful. Many experts believe that such products are indeed suitable for use in ICU. Sterilization level equipment will lead the industry and will be necessary in ICU in the future.

Professor Xu Lei

Executive chairman of the Congress, member of the Standing Committee of the branch of critical medicine of the Chinese Medical Association, chairman of the Tianjin Branch of critical medicine of the Chinese Medical Association, director of the Department of critical medicine of the third Central Hospital of Tianjin


Professor Huang Xiaobo

National youth member of severe branch of Chinese Medical Association, chairman of Sichuan special committee of severe medicine, and director of surgical ICU of Sichuan people's Hospital


Professor Sun Renhua

Vice chairman of severe branch of Zhejiang Medical Association, director of ICU of Zhejiang People's Hospital


Professor Jiang Ronglin

Member of the Standing Committee of severe branch of Zhejiang Medical Association, deputy director of ICU of Zhejiang hospital of traditional Chinese Medicine



--A case of an ICU in Tianjin--


EKEAIR mobile air sterilization station, to create a sterile and clean ICU ward, for patients to build a bridge of rehabilitation!